• Ensuring environmental protection through due processes of law.
  • Anthropocentric environmentalism that seeks conservation inclusive of the natural resource dependent poor.
  • Community empowerment and protection of natural resources and environmental rights in a just, equitable and gender-sensitive way.
  • Upholding the rights of people, particularly the poor and the women, to their environmental entitlements.


BELA considers itself an organization that:

  • Believes in and follows a rights-based approach to not only the environment but development in general;
  • Believes in and upholds principles of equity; and Strives to attain women’s rights and entitlements in environmental justice.
  • Developing awareness of environmental rights and entitlements as well as the capacity to make changes in environmental governance through awareness campaigns.
  • Training of various stakeholders, initiating and pursuing policy advocacy through multiple modes, and litigation to ensure environmental justice.

What We Do


Public Interest Litigations (PILs)

BELA has a very rich work experience and has had outstanding successes in this arena. It was due to BELA’s intervention that the horizon of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was opened up by the higher judiciary (1997) by attaching liberal interpretation to the ….:

Research, Publication & Awareness Creation

Research, Publication & Awareness creation, and at the same time collects data from selected reputed non-government organizations. For its research BELA uses  satellite images, high resolution photographs, and community testimonies and many more. 


BELA has a regular training package on Environment and Environmental Law. More than 400 government officials, 850 local government officials, 1000 judicial officers, 1000 NGO activists and civil society members


Policy-makers, both at the political and administrative levels. Local government representatives and the local administration. Special stakeholder groups e.g. solar energy advocates and experts.

BELA's Work Across The Country


নেত্রকোনা জেলার কেন্দুয়া উপজেলার খেলার মাঠে আশ্রয়ন প্রকল্প নয়-হাইকোর্ট

আজ ১৪ আগষ্ট, ২০২২ তারিখ মহামান্য হাইকোর্ট জেলা প্রশাসক, নেত্রকোনা কর্তৃক অবৈধ ও স্বেচ্ছাচারী উপায়ে নেত্রকোনা জেলার কেন্দুয়া উপজেলাধীন বলাইশিমুল মৌজার ঐতিহাসিক খেলার মাঠের শ্রেণি পরিবর্তন কেন বেআইনী ঘোষণা করা হবেনা এবং কেন ঐতিহাসিক বলাইশিমুল মাঠটিকে মাঠ হিসেবে সংরক্ষণ করতে…

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Evaluation of the EIA for the 2X600 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal Fired Power Project, Phase-2, (Unit 3/4) at Matarbari, Moheshkhali Upazila, Cox’s Bazar District by Mark Chernaik, Staff Scientist of ELAW (PART 1, 2)

The EIA Provides an Inadequate Justification for the Project in Light of Available Information about Power Overcapacity in Bangladesh   Proposed projects with the potential to cause serious environmental harm should not move forward if they are unnecessary. With respect…

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Dr. Mohiuddin Farooque

About the Founder

Dr. Mohiuddin Farooque born on 25 June 1954 at Gopalganj, Bangladesh. His father’s name is late Hemayet Ahmed and mother’s name is Mrs. Anwara Ahmed. He was awarded Ph.D degree on International Law from Manchester University in 1985. The title of his Ph.D thesis was Non-navigational Uses of the Waters of International Rivers: Rights of Riparian States-Extent & Limits. He has 69 publications including 7 books. …
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