The following audiences have been identified as priority in BELA’s work:

  1. Policy-makers, both at the political and administrative levels;
  2. Local government representatives and the local administration;
  3. “Special stakeholder groups” e.g. solar energy advocates and experts;
  4. Media;
  5. Network members;
  6. Community members and opinion leaders; and
  7. Supportive citizens and organisations including educational institutions.

In next five years BELA has the following plan focusing the Communication: 

  1. Skills development and training to build up the capacity of its communication cell/unit;
  2. Further upgrading of the website;
  3. Engaging more strongly and systematically with social media;
  4. Strategically selecting activities, which will ensure visibility of the organisation and the causes it promotes;
  5. Using communication materials and strategies for community engagement, e.g. distance education and structured courtyard sessions;
  6. Using improved communications to strengthen BELA’s network, and creating platform on BELA’s website;
  7. Publication of briefing papers, research reports, state of environmental governance reports;
  8. Undertaking technical improvements such as installing an intranet with a database management system, individual e-mail addresses, and enhancing office automation;
  9. Making internal communications more transparent and efficient by encouraging written (e-mail) communication.