BELA has a regular training package on Environment and Environmental Law. More than 400 government officials, 850 local government officials, 1000 judicial officers, 1000 NGO activists and civil society members, 150 journalists, 120 police officers, and 500 school and college teachers have received training over the past 23 years.


This training usually includes the following modules:


  • Environment and Environmental Law
  • Environment, Environmental Law & Justice (both national and international aspects);
  • Role of Police in Promoting Environmental Justice;
  • Role of Police in Environment Protection; and
  • Environmental Investigative Reporting (for journalists).
  • Teachers’ Training
  • Training on Sustainable Agriculture


Besides, BELA also organizes capacity building training for its staff. In 2019 two separate trainings were organized for the capacity building of BELA staff. The in-house training on Communication and Information Technology was organized on 3 October, 2019 where BELA head office staff were participants. The focus of this training was digital security, outreach using social media platforms and rules of using IT equipment. Another capacity building training on Gender and Environment was organized on 24th of November, 2019, which was participated by all staff of BELA. This training program was designed in such way so that the participants can develop both theoretical and practical understanding on Gender and Environment, and the trainers were invited considering this principles.